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    Cat News

    10 Kitties who are more excited for Catmas than you

    10 Kitties who are more excited for Catmas than you

    1. This cat who's so excited, he's literally eating an ornament:

    2. This feline who's seeing an ornament for the first time:

    3. This precious girl who had too much to drink at the holiday party:

    4. This little guy who knows he kills it in his Christmas outfit:

    5. This kitten who's utterly exhausted after decorating the tree:

    6. This kitty who's just found a new best friend:

    7. These pals who are sure to knock on your door and sing some Christmas carols:

    8. This kiddo who wants to be an actual ornament on the tree:

    Callie investigating the tree. #Siberiankitten#christmastree#christmascat

    A post shared by Chuck Gudgeon (@chuckgudgeon) on

    9. This baby who's more than ready for his first Christmas:

    10. This kitten who's ready to rock around the Christmas tree:

    A post shared by Kennedy (@blastedcactus) on

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